Electro-Cellular blind is made of very compact air pump and cellular pleated fabric.

It can be handled manually or electrically, which is very suitable for RVs.

Our cellular fabrics is airtight and has several advantages compare to honeycomb fabrics:

-Active insulation mode: Thicker air trapped in cells, inside air pushed outside with air pump

-Better Rigidity: suitable for skylights. Maintaining in position by friction on the rail

-Customization: each blind side is separated.Technical outer side and Design inner side

The benefits of  our Compact air system drive are:

-Compacity: about 15 mm of Thickness

-Reliability: 50 000 hours = about 1 M cycles. When blind used manually, no damage on the motorization.

-Flexibility: Can be easily deported for more compacity or to control severals blinds at the same time.

      Thanks to its partnership with DIDH (Des Impressions Des Hommes which is a company focused on creating trendy design for luxury clothes, 

FLEXOMA can offer specific colors and designs with the blinds. They can be also provided with inside LEDs lights for additonal features.

Large range of designs: trompe-l'oeil printing, different types of fabrics, customized/personal pictures and lights can be included in the curtains for great atmosphere in any situation!